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Ariel Rider Ebikes has always been a passion project of me and my brother.

2014 was a year of both triumphs and tribulations for us here at Ariel Rider Ebikes, especially for me and my brother. You see, we have been in the electric bike industry for over 22 years and during this time our team has developed a combined experience in the industry. So last year, when we launched our flagship brand Ariel Rider Ebikes, things went from 0 to AWESOME pretty quick. We got a lot of media coverage and tons of amazing, positive reviews from all around the world in Japanese, Portuguese, German, any language that you could imagine. It was a daily joy to me to turn on my laptop in the mornings and check my Google alerts to see where in the world we got media coverage the night before. In a short few months, we’ve reached a distribution in 26 countries!

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