Avionics V2
Mfgr: Avionics
Weight: 88 lbs
Tire: 26" x 3"
Motor: Rear, 4000w
Battery: Lithium-Ion 27.6 Ah (1380 Wh)
Range: 120 km / 75 mi
Brakes: Disc Brakes
Control: Twist Throttle
MSRP: $ 10800 *

* Price at the time of publication. Accessories and options may cost extra. Some prices my have been converted from local currecy to USD.


Pure aesthetic form with a unique combination of wood and steel, and hidden wires – no visible elements.
Of course, what we see is not enough! The essentials are invisible to the eye. The heart of AVIONICS is electronics. Our e-bike deserves the best, that’s why we equipped it with a sine-wave controller, which is the best and most advanced type of e-bikes controller. This solution is used in electric motorcycles and is an advanced onboard computer. Remember that sine-wave controllers are usually never used in ‘common-or-garden’ e-bikes. Normally, other e-bike producers use just a simple block driver that lacks crucial adjustments. AVIONICS is the answer for those who appreciate an individual, flexible and friendly approach. In a “force mode”, you can transform it into a wild road speeder for an adrenaline kick or a sophisticated e-bike for a calm “walk” in the park. Feel free to get off the ground with the tire squeal!

Year: 2021
Lights: Front, Rear
Display: None
Frame: Steel
Max Weight Cap.: N/A
Drive: Chain
Suspension: Leaf Spring
Charge Time: 2.5 – 3 hrs

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