Mfgr: byAr
Weight: 22 kg
Tire: N/A
Motor: Rear, 250w
Battery: 29.2V
Range: 40 km - 160 km
Brakes: Hydraulic front, rear
Control: Pedal Assist
MSRP: $ 3747 *

* Price at the time of publication. Accessories and options may cost extra. Some prices my have been converted from local currecy to USD.


It’s not a bike, it’s a byAr. Distinctive design, Simple and comfortable in use.

High quality and low maintenanceWith a self learning and adopting all-in-one engine, including batteries and energy
recovery system, a unique cardan driving system and an app control system that can be personalized.

The ByAr Volta is not only distinguished by its comfort, but is also simple to use. Characterized by its unique design, the Volta is a quality bike that stands out. Thanks to its favorable center of gravity, very rigid frame, the self-learning engine and the cardan shaft drive, the byAr Volta is an unique E-city bike.

The Volta byAr is the ultimate ECitybike.

Year: N/A
Lights: Front, Rear
Display: None
Frame: Aluminium
Max Weight Cap.: N/A
Drive: Cardan Axle
Suspension: N/A
Charge Time: 2.5 hrs

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