Ebike Future Conference & Expo

Ebike Future Conference & Expo

Join the world’s brightest minds in ebike business and technology to learn, share secrets and connect online. For three days on 11-13 October 2022, our fourth annual Ebike Future Conference & Expo will stream information, consisting of relevant speeches, panels, and live Q&A sessions to help take your business to the next level.

This year includes a 22-day virtual expo, so check out the booths of the top players in the industry. This fantastic ebike business event will bring you closer to leading people and companies than ever before from the comfort of your home or office. Join now so that you don´t miss out!

What Topics Will We Cover at this Virtual Conference?

Trends and Market Data – we will speak about what is hot in the ebike business, and show you information to make better strategic decisions

​Ebike Opportunity Information – ebikes are becoming more popular all over the world, there is opportunity everywhere – from complete ebikes, to components, or software

​Technology and Innovation – see the behind the scenes of newest ebike technology and innovation

R&D and Design – new developments and technologies are constantly making their way into the market. In this section, you will find out about the latest developments and technologies

​Mobility and Sustainability – The idea of mobility is changing. There’s a new way of thinking about how we move that is more sustainable, more efficient and more environmentally friendly

​Production – As the electric bike industry grows and diversifies, there is a huge variety of new ideas and products in terms of how bikes can be made. We’re also seeing a number of new companies entering the scene.

Drive Systems and Batteries – The electric bike drive system is the most important part of an electric bike with biggest innovation potential 

Sales and Services – There are some really interesting new companies coming onto the market, with new sales and service models 

​N​ew Business Models – The e-bike market is rapidly expanding, and it’s bringing with it a new set of business models

​Smart Cities and New Technologies – A new generation of smart cities is emerging, with big data, driverless cars and electric bikes all making an impact

​Future Trends – Let´s go crazy with new production, sales, services methods for the better ebike future

Visit the Virtual Expo
Visit our new Virtual Expo and see the top players in the industry right now. Expo will be LIVE for 22 days from October 11 to November 1.

Expose your company to top customers – ebike business owners, managers, but also newcomers. Showcase your company, products and services to thousands of attendees with very smooth experience.

If you are a company, you can exhibit by purchasing the Company Premium Ticket (Booth is included), or you can buy a separate Booth.

Get your digital booth now.

​And much much more … register here.